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CJ Ford Private Investigations' mission is to advocate for wrongfully convicted persons worldwide and to amend the criminal justice system. The current system we have in place only benefits a privileged few, thus causing harm to racial, ethnic, and low-income communities. We support movements, causes, and campaigns addressing police/ICE misconduct, the hyper-criminalization of marginalized neighborhoods, and overall systemic reform.


Our work is indivisible from these issues because wrongful convictions disproportionately impact Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). As such, we actively collaborate with organizations that fight for racial equality and provide the tools and resources for these communities to succeed. We believe that in our efforts to work together, we can achieve liberty and justice for ALL.


  • Wrongful Convictions

According to statistics, wrongful conviction cases happen as frequently, up to 10 percent nationwide. We have searched for truth in these cases and are handling 35 cases through this program. Most of these cases are pro-bono, and the interns work without charge; the program has survived primarily because of the CEO's investments.



Support Indigent Wrongfully Convicted Inmates

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