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Please enter the information that you are seeking, such as the name of the person, business, or other instructions. This is an important field to answer. If you already have some information on the person, you need to let us know. This is to ensure that we have the right person and are running the correct search. If you are already aware of some specifics and we supply you with information that you already know, then you will still be charged for the search, so make sure you include ALL that you know already, such as previous addresses, former names, social security numbers, etc.


All information that is developed and submitted to the client or the client authorized representative shall be strictly confidential. By agreeing to this search, you are agreeing that you are not going to use any of this information to stalk, hurt, injure, or otherwise cause harm to anyone or anything. If this information is misused, or any results of our investigation is released or forwarded to any other party not in this contract, without our written permission, the client or authorized agent assumes the liability for any libel, slander, civil, or criminal lawsuit that may result or arise. This information is to be used for legal purposes only. The information or results of this investigation are developed for our client only. All information, reports, or other results of our investigation will not be released until full payment for services is received, unless other arrangements are made.  By checking the box below, you are also attesting to the fact that you are not a felon, do not have any mental illness, and that you fully understand these instructions.

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CJ Ford Private Investigations LLC is a licensed private investigation firm in the State of California - PI-012828.

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