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Investigative Services

We handle a large variety of investigative services.  These services include locating missing people, background checks, personal investigative services, and a variety of civil investigative services.



Private Investigator, District Attorney, Public Defender, Law Enforcement Officer, Criminal Profiler, Investigative Reporter, Forensic Specialist, Computer Forensic Specialist, Forensic Psychologist, Boarder Patrol, and other Investigative professions. 
Do your INTERNSHIP with C. J. Ford Private Investigation: Nationwide and International....
There is no cost to do your internship with us. If you are in a University or College taking criminal justice courses and you need certified hours, we can meet the criteria. If you are just looking to do an Internship for your career profile, you are welcome to do your Internship here:

After you complete your internship, we will certify your hours and when you go job hunting, you can use C. J. Ford Private Investigations Internship Program as a reference.
Sign up for our Internship Program by going to the following email address:
If you have been scammed and need recovery assistance, contact us....

Company GoFundMe's

C. J. Ford Private Investigations use GoFundMe's because this money goes to fund our Inmate Program and our Internship Programs because most of our services are Pro-Bono. Please click the links below for more information: 

GoFundMe for C. J. Ford P. I. Programs: Please donate!
Need a "Key Note Speaker"?
Contact CJ. and make arrangements. 

About our National and World Wide Website:

Our Website is in 4 languages: Click Icon on the top of the page for English, Spanish, German, and Georgian.
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