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Wrongful Convictions

Let us do a FULL INVESTIGATION into your Wrongful Conviction.  We can solve your Open Case or Closed Case that the police department no longer has interest in.

Have you, a family member, or a friend been wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent to prison? We here at CJ Ford Private Investigations can help you. Remember, attorneys litigate cases, THEY DO NOT SOLVE OR INVESTIGATE CASES.  We can fully investigate your case, uncover new evidence, find and interview people that should have been part of your trial. The duration of a fully investigated case can take up to 3 years. If the case takes longer, we will negotiate an extension, or give you a final report, but you are hiring us for at least 3 years. Don't waste your money hiring an attorney before you have your case fully investigated.


Our investigation services start at $4500 per case, depending on the complexity. It is much smarter than paying an attorney $10,000 to $50,000 or more just to find out that you have wasted your money on useless litigation, especially in appellate matters. The only way to overturn a wrongful conviction is through investigation and presenting newly discovered evidence. You might also be able to prove that the prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence that could have led to your freedom. We look into all "Ineffective Assistance of Counsel" cases. So if you would like to actually prevail, then it is wise to take care of the investigative portion of your case first. Don't jump the gun and go out and hire an attorney... Get the evidence first! The attorney will not get evidence for you, and in some cases will not pursue charges or litigation towards any other attorney because of the oath attorneys have with each other or the bond that attorneys have with each other. 


We try to work with attorneys, if it is necessary, however, we try to control the investigative end of the case and in some cases we will recommend that the attorney does not file litigation in your behalf until the investigation is completed. We also have our own legal contacts and other resources that we work with in Wrongful Conviction cases. 




If you are trying to pursue a case, and the police department decides that they are going to sit on their hands, you need to have your case investigated privately. The police department sits on tons of open cases that they never get around to solving or investigating. You need a committed investigation team that will fully dive into your case, giving it the top priority. Your case is very important and it should be put in the hands of someone who will give it their all, and not put you on the back burner.  If you are in a situation where the police department will not investigate your case at all, then we are the ones to come to to open up an investigation. If you find that the police department has closed your case, and will no longer work on it, you need to come to us. Just because the police department has decided not to pursue your case, doesn't mean that your case is less valid or important.





For people that are pretty legal savvy, or for individuals that just want some guidance on how to proceed with matters on their own and a little help navigating the justice system, you might consider one of the services we offer below:

Consultation Services

The Consultation Service costs $500 and is good for one year of unlimited consultation.  We will be there to answer your questions and provide suggestions as you move forward investigating your own case.

Workshop Program

The Workshop Program also includes a year of consultation.  In addition, we will provide you with forms and materials, for a checklist type approach to moving forward with your investigation.  The cost for this upgraded program is $1000.

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