My name is C. J. Ford Jr.

I am a private investigator who specializes in criminal cases

and an activist for constitutional rights.


My book “Whistle Blowing Orange County Style” symbolizes my desires to see the rights of the Whistle Blower protected. The judicial system is difficult to master, and the indigent suffer from being inflicted with additional systematic restrictions that often serve to limit their constitutional rights and due process of law.

The saying goes “If you represent yourself, you have a fool for a client.” In some instances, that may be true. However, with the Internet’s access to legal information, it is very possible to successfully represent yourself. Every person has the same due process of law, regardless of self representation. The system should never punish you for exercising your rights.

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with Whistle Blowing, or standing up for yourself. Use this book to help you decide if risking the penalties of failure will reap the rewards of success – and righting a wrong.

Secondly, this book exposes unethical people and entities that abuse their power. These people and entities protect their outdated ideology while others pay extreme penalties, instead of re-evaluating their prejudices to bring about fairness. Whistle Blower in most cases are protected by the law, so it is your decision as to if you become a Whistle Blower.

In my situation, I went after a “good ole boy” ideology at the financial expense of taxpayers. This entity was violating due process laws as laid out in the Constitution, Federal and State Fair Trade Laws, Sunshine Laws, and Bar Association Policies.

My whistle blowing was directed to relevant State and Federal agency that investigated misappropriation of taxpayers by the entity involved in my observations. This money was allotted by the taxpayers for the defense of pro per defendants.

While writing my book “Whistle Blowing Orange County Style” I used the 10 RULES that I created of engagement to engage my opposition outlined in the book. The agency and the entities immediately revised their policy and procedures.

This engagement was a victory for me

and there were no lasting repercussions by the entity to me or my family.

I used the rules again in another situation where a person were being wrongfully convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit. I challenged the District Attorney of the “Great Orange County” in the Wrongful Conviction of an inmate named “Kenneth Clair”. For years the District Attorney tried to just ignore me. The DA and his associates were so arrogant they didn’t want to be wrong and reverse a bad conviction. The DA and his associates were so full of malice that the DA didn’t care whether or not Mr. Clair was executed, because the DA’s and associates dreams were that Mr. Clair will die incarcerated without having a new trial or exoneration.

Well, I got out the book, applied the rules, and won another big victory. First part of the victory was exposing the DA’s office and making them respond after years and years of avoiding me. Normally DA’s do not publicly respond to outside exposure by individuals. Using the RULES, I put the DA into a unprecedented situation of having to respond. This way, the DA was forced to give their position on the wrongful conviction, and expose an attackable strategy that I could expose. This RULE is clearly outlined in the book.

Next I exposed the fact that the DNA found at the crime scene didn’t match Kenneth Clair’s. Because of the work that I was doing on the case, I went to the news agencies, and there were 4 documentaries that were produced, exposing the dishonest efforts of the DA, and the results of the DA’s office. The DA panicked and didn’t respond and refused interviews. The DA, instead of just admitting that they were wrong in follow up news stories, decided that they, the DA, were going to make their own production of what happened in the Clair Case. The DA made up a mini-series about how Kenneth Clair committed the crime, confessed to it, and how the DNA results weren’t relevant to the case. This was really a poor effort to persuade public opinion that they were right for the Wrongful Conviction. All this DA Production did was to make me evoke another RULE in the Book. See, one of the RULES compensate and expect this kind of behavior by the opposition. The RULE directs you how to respond. All this last ditch effort by the DA did to camouflage or mislead the public did was to give me more information regarding the DA’s distorted facts, and opened them up to a more robust attack.

Using another one of the RULES, I filed a petition on on behalf of the DNA results and the dishonest DA’s comments. The petition got over 160,000 signatures. My petition got so much attention, that the producers of “Death Row Stories” approached me about the case. I gave them factual materials, documents, statements, pictures, and all other materials that the DA was trying to hide. The DA finally was forced to come out and respond to the Death Row Stories documentary, where they openly repeated the same old information to divert public opinion on convicting Clair. Again, the DA created another record of their deception to the public. However, again it was a win for me because now the DA was on record with a major documentary that comes on TV on a nearly monthly basis.

You can verify this information by clicking  [[ HERE ]] to see the News Stories. It is a 3 part documentary we did on Real TV. The Death Row Stories Documentary is ongoing on TV- Check listings for air time: It is called: 

                  “Murdered Baby Sitter”

                  Season 3- Episode 9

                  HLN- Sister Network to CNN

                  You might find it on YouTube or Netflix. 


Just by using the 10 RULES outlined in this book, I am still getting victories. The Death Row Stories as I mentioned comes on very frequently, and as I have put in this update. There is a “New Documentary” coming up and airing in beginning of 2020 called “Wrong Man”. This is suppose to be an HBO special. I participated in the documentary, but only as to my investigation. The producers of Wrong Man bought in a staff of professionals including investigators, expert witnesses, evidence and DNA specialist to do a complete review of the case.

Now the DA and his associates are in this position…. If Clair gets good counsel, the DA may have to give Clair a new trial…. that the DA knows that they can’t win. If Clair wins or get’s exonerated, Clair stand to collect $100.00 plus damages for each day that Clair was falsely incarcerated.

In Summary, this book on Whistle Blowing struggle and applying the RULES also gave me the idea of creating the Social Justice Directory at This directory is a meeting place for all people who want to execute their right to stand up for Social Justice Issues in an unfair system. It eliminates a lot of the opposition that I had to face. Now everyone can do what I did on a larger scale and find allies to support their cause. Wow, I accomplished all of this by just following the 10 RULES that Whistle Blowers need to use to support their case…

I plans on writing a series of books like this one, using my experience and knowledge to outline different legal situations or goals, while dealing with choices and probable consequences that may result from those choices.

In a society that changes and evolves every day, I believes it is important to protect individual constitutional rights and to preserve the integrity of the system and all individuals that make up that system.



F O L L O W    T H E    R U L E S

C.J. Ford Jr.

God Bless everyone who purchases this book and applies successfully the rules